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DJ Neal

I’m an experienced DJ and have been spinning at events for over 25 yrs. In addition, I’ve participated as talent, as well as tech and presentation, in music related events all around the Washington DC/Northern Virginia/Maryland region for three decades. I was one of the founders of DC’s longest running retro party, 80’s Dance Party, which started in Adams Morgan back in 1993. This event was the very first 80’s retro party in the region, and is now in it’s 25th year! It has been profiled in the Washington Post, Washington Times, City Paper, On Tap magazine, and was listed in the Zagat’s and Let’s Go travel guides for years!

I branched out into doing weddings in the 00’s, and it has been great! I love playing weddings and sharing in the joy of the happy couple and their families! I also do holiday parties, company parties, community events, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, school events, and kids parties.

I’m very easy to work with; I have a friendly personality and a very positive demeanor. And I love music, lights, and good times! I’ve spun all kinds of styles (not just 80’s, in case you were wondering), and I’m very adept at responding to the audience. The music is never about me, it’s about YOU and the kind of mix you want to share with your guests!

I can work with you on developing a set from your specific song list. I’m also great with improvising! In addition to providing DJ and emcee services, I can also provide sound systems (multiple rooms for weddings if needed), dance floor lighting, uplighting, and video projection. I’ll be available during the planning phase as well – I can meet with you and we can discuss the specific needs of your event and the songs that really SHOULD (and perhaps SHOULDN’T) be part of the set!

Are you planning an event around a special theme? We REALLY should talk! I’m a great choice for theme events. I can PROMISE you that if you’re putting together a retro theme based on the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s, then you have found the PERFECT DJ. These were my formative years, and I know the party music from those decades VERY well! I’ve got a HUGE collection of music videos from those years as well.

I’ve done Mardi Gras dances, Casino Nights, 50’s sock hop parties and 60’s themed boomer events as well. I’ve done a Swing Dance wedding, a Star Wars themed wedding, an EDM themed wedding, several 80’s themed weddings, and one that veered into the big band era (House of Sweden in Georgetown, the grandparents took over! It was great!). I can help you with lots of other types of themes too! Ren Faire wedding, LOTR wedding, Marvel Universe wedding, Big Greek wedding, you name it.

People LOVE hiring me for their 30th, 40th, and 50th birthday parties! In addition, I spun a mainstream hits night that ran for most of the 00’s, so I know all the best party tunes from that period as well. And I definitely keep up on the latest hits.

I’ve done weddings for groups of different faiths and creeds. I’m very open minded and inclusive, and feel very strongly that love, commitment, and togetherness should be celebrated in all of its diverse forms. It’s about you and who you choose, and when it comes time to kick up your heels and celebrate, I hope you’ll choose me to spin the tunes!

If you’re visiting from The Knot or found this page via some other referral, take a look around the site! All the pictures are from events I’ve done, and they give you a great idea of what kinds of services I can provide for your event. There’s also information on past events and the type of equipment I can bring out for your party.

Check back every now and then too! I’m working on editing together some videos and playlists that I’ve recorded at events so you can get a look and listen at the musical styles I can offer.


Neal Keller

DJ Neal aka “The Angel”

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